How do I get in touch with you
You can email us at hello@feelgoodpeople. We try to respond within 24-48 hours. 


What is your return policy?
We accept returns up to 30 days after receiving the Feel Good Mat. To make a return, please contact our support team at hello@feelgoodpeople.com


I forgot my password and can’t login to the app
To reset your password, go to the app home page and click “sign in”. On the sign in page, click “Forgot Password.”


Do you ship outside of the United States? 
We are currently only shipping within the US with plans to ship to other countries very soon. 


How long should I use the Mat for?
We recommend using the mat between 30 minutes to an hour to get the best results. 


How long does the Mat charge last?
The Feel Good Mat battery life is 6 hours. You can also charge the mat while you use it. 


How do I wash the mat cover
The mat cover can be easily unzipped and removed from the mat. We recommend either washing the mat cover by hand or on a delicate wash cycle, in cold water with just a little bit of soap. To be safe, you may want to wash the cover alone to prevent other fabric colors from leaking onto the fabric. Hang dry. 


How do you store the Mat?
The Feel Good Mat has two elastic straps that can be used to hold the mat together when you roll it up. That mat should be stored in space between no lower than 32 degrees and no higher than 95 degrees fahrenheit. 


I bought two or more mats, how do I make sure each mat is connecting to the correct phone?
You should connect one mat at a time to the app on your phone. This will ensure that the right mat is connected to the right phone/app going forward. Once the mat is connected to the correct app, it should not connect to another phone with the app. 


Feel Good Mat isn’t connecting to the App
First try closing the app out completely. (Link how to do that). When you re-open the mat, it should connect to the mat.

If that doesn’t work next try closing the app completely and re-opening it. Then press the small button on the side of the mat battery pack for 10 seconds, until all the lights start blinking. This means it’s ready to connect to Bluetooth. Open the app and you should see the FGP Mat to connect to. 

If neither of these options work, reach out to us at hello@feelgoodpeople.com 


What does the mat feel like?
The Vibration in the Mat feels like a humming sensation all over your body. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration. 


How does the mat work with the app?
It was important that we design with longevity of the product and sustainability in mind and this meant having as few pieces to the mat as possible. So instead of a remote, we opted to have the mat powered by an app on your phone. From the app you can select and customize vibrations that feel good to you. The app has sound experiences that align with the mat’s energize, chill out and deep sleep modes. We choose binaural songs that align with the frequency of the brain when we’re in an energetic, calm or restful state, in this way the vibration and the sounds work together to enhance your experience. 


Who is The Feel Good Mat for?
The Feel Good Mat is really for anyone who enjoys relaxation and chilling out. It’s something that you can incorporate into your everyday relaxation practice whether that’s yoga, mediation, or even just chilling on the couch. No matter what you’re doing, the vibration helps your body and mind to relax more and enhances the experience overall. 


What is Vibration and Sound Therapy?
Vibration and sound therapy are not new methods for relaxation. They’ve been used by humans for millions of years as a way to relax the body and mind by activating the rest and restore part of our brain or the parasympathetic state.. Whole Body Vibration is one of the most effective ways of instantly activating the parasympathetic state because it mimics the sensation of soothing touch and sends a memo to your brain that all is okay, you’re being soothed and not in any danger so you can relax now. Similarly, your brain interprets soothing sounds as non-threatening noises, also activating the parasympathetic state. Used separately, vibration and sound work incredibly well at relaxing you but use them together and the result is an even deeper multi-sensory relaxation experience.


What is Feel Good People’s Mission
We are a community that positively impacts people's lives and the world around us by spreading awareness of the importance of self-care. Through an intentional self-care practice, we can reach new heights for what the body and mind can achieve, sparking remarkable change in people’s lives.

Much like the development of self, we will forever be in pursuit of growth. We are forever pushing the boundaries of what self-care technology can achieve, providing people with the true power of its benefit. We believe in quality and longevity of a product and the human experience. 

We believe creating that feel-good feeling begins with you. Self-care is the core of our brand, our reason for being. We live and breathe bringing people the best in self care solutions so they can live their best self.

People are the beating heart of what we do. A lifestyle community built around taking the best care of ourselves. We want to be a place where great people help others achieve great things through everything we put out into the world. For we simply could not spark a feel-good revolution without you the people.


What impact do you want Feel Good People to have?
Beyond the products we create, the Feel Good mission is to bring more awareness to the importance of a relaxation and self-care practice in everyday life. Relaxation and self-care are important to quality of life. Even if the feel good mat isn’t the product for you, our hope is that people find the tools and solutions that work best for them and that they prioritize taking the time to use them. At the end of the day, we want people to feel good and to discover what that is for them individually. 


What makes Feel Good People unique?
We built the Feel Good Mat and App to address a gap in the market, so the product itself is unique, but we think what makes Feel Good People unique as a company is that we’re not just focused on selling a great product, we want to inspire people to discover a relaxation practice that works for them and to prioritize that in their lives. We want to give people not just great products that help them to relax, but also tools that they can use in their everyday lives to find more comfort and ease.