Introducing the Feel Good mat. The immersive Vibration Therapy Mat + App designed to deeply relax your mind and body.

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The Feel Good Mat

Mat vibrations and App sound experiences to activate your feel good states: Energize, Relax, and Deep Sleep.

The Feel Good Mat’s vibration feels like a humming sensation all over your body. The mat’s vibration activates the rest and restore part of your nervous system, moving you into a state of deep relaxation.

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Start the day feeling centered and energized.

Use the Mat + App on energize mode to get your mind right before you start work or head out the door.

Release built-up tension and wind down.

Use the Mat + App soothing sounds to help your body and mind recharge after a long day.

Improve focus, clarity, and mindfulness.

Use the Mat seated or lying down as a part of your meditation or relaxation practice. The soothing Vibrations and sounds help you go deeper.

Deepen relaxation and improve quality of sleep.

Use the Mat to quiet your mind and calm your body as you get ready for bed


Today, many of us are experiencing chronic stress from the external pressures of our modern world and the internal ones we place on ourselves.

Therapeutic vibrational technology that works with the body and brain to signal that you are safe and help you reach your desired emotional state.