Do You Know Your Feel Good Style?

Do You Know Your Feel Good Style?

When it comes to feeling good there are certain self-care practices and methods that work better for us than others. Knowing your feel good style can be a way to discover what you can do to feel better when you’re stressed, overwhelmed or just feeling off.

At Feel Good People we study the practice of self-care. Through our research, we discovered that there are 6 primary styles of self-care: Energy shifting, physical activation, indulging, inspiration, achievement and the holistic approach. We created a free quiz based on our research to help you discover your primary Feel Good Style and the self-care solutions that work best for you.


The Feel Good Styles:


1. The Energy Shifter
    • Needs regular solo and quality time with loved ones
    • Impacted by the energy and aesthetics of their environment
    • Appreciates and recharges from time invested in self


    2. The Physical Activator

    • Through the body the mind is calmed
    • Nourishing, pampering, moving, and appreciating the body is essential
    • Natural fabrics for clothing, bedding and furnishings recommended


    3. The Calm Achiever

    • Organization and accomplishing goals puts them at ease
    • Utilizes automation, preparation and checklists for low stress
    • Requires a tool kit of quick to access stress coping practices to relax and reset


    4. The Deserving Indulger

    • Treating themselves feels really good
    • Important to celebrate milestones and accomplishments
    • It’s not about the price of the treat, more about the connection they feel to it


    5. The Inspired Empath

    • Seeks out inspiration and motivation
    • Impacted by communication, words and expressions
    • Practicing positive self talk and mantras are essential


    6. The Holistic Seeker

    • Self-care practices are wide ranging
    • Requires consistent discovery of what makes them feel good
    • Important to prioritize self-care or they will feel depleted


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