Holistic Seeker Beanie


PRE-ORDER your Holistic Seeker Beanie. 

Black with white font. One size fits all. 

Shipping Feb 2024.




The Feel Good Mat is operated via an app on your phone. 

The app includes 4 binaural frequency sounds that sync with the Mat’s vibration modes and you can track how you’re feeling in the app

Within the mat are 26 small vibrational motors that have been specifically placed to align with your body’s natural sensory points. We studied, tested and thoughtfully chose three dynamic modes with set rhythms, speeds and intensities that increase your energy levels (energize), mellows you out (calm) or prepares you for a night of deep sleep (sleep). The mat also offers a freestyle mode so you can set the vibration frequency and intensity best suited to your body and what feels good to you.

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, the mat is cord-free with an 8-hour battery life and easy to store in its bag.

App Features


4 binaural frequency sounds that align with the vibration modes of the mat to give you the most immersive vibroacoustic experience. This calming ambient music can be paired with the mat’s vibrations or alone.

Awareness of how you are feeling can cultivate more presence and a deeper understanding of your mind and body's needs.

Whether you need to feel energized, calm your mind or sleep soundly, simply select your desired state, lay back and let the vibrations take you there.

The mat and app combined, connect the body and mind on a deeper level. Control your Feel Good Mat through the app to curate your optimal Feel Good Experience.


Each mode emits a different vibrational frequency depending on your desired state.